Nuttall Welding & Fabrication prides itself in providing the highest professional standards in the industry.

About Nuttall Welding

Nuttall Welding and Fabrication provides mobile and in house repair and fabrication services that span many industry sectors, and we are continuously asked to provide new and more effective solutions to meet client needs. Our clients can draw upon a range of specialist capabilities from welding repairs through all welding processes to custom fabrication of just about any project a customer may require. Through the integration of these disciplines, our company delivers comprehensive solutions for clients' unique requests.

We at Nuttall Welding and Fabrication are committed to providing proactive leadership and support to protect all resources from accidental loss. We will actively co-operate with employees, joint health and safety committees in pursuing Occupational health and Safety.

Nuttall Welding and Fabrication continues to train and upgrade as required by industry standards. We are fully insured, provide a company policy and safety manual, as well as various certifications including but not limited to CWB, WSIB, fall arrest, confined spaces and propane handling courses.

Nuttall Welding

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