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  Nuttall Welding & Fabrication prides itself in providing the highest professional standards in the industry.


Nuttall Welding and Fabrication main focus is on mobile welding and fabrication, servicing a broad range of industry sectors from Government and municipalities requiring facility repairs or upgrades to new fabrication of structures and equipment. Our main stay is servicing small to large excavating and construction companies, offering cost effective solutions to keep equipment in top working condition at a competitive price. Custom fabrication in house from client supplied drawings or in house prepared drawings is just one more specialty of Nuttall Welding & Fabrication. After consulting with our client, we deliver the project on time and on budget.

Our service units are equipped for: welding with stick, portable wire feeder and air compressor for Carbon arc gouging. We offer portable plasma cutting and Magnetic drilling with a capacity of 2” diameter holes in steel, aluminum and Stainless steel.

CNC plasma cutting is available to 1.5” thickness

Cottage to boat house stairs

Cottage to boat house stairs

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