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  Nuttall Welding & Fabrication prides itself in providing the highest professional standards in the industry.

Nuttall Welding Projects

Nuttall Welding and Fabrication services all industry sectors which has led us to a wide variety of projects over the years from Steel, Aluminum and Stainless steel in all welding processes.  Some projects we have been involved with are:

  • Asphalt plant maintenance
  • Heavy equipment repair, modification and custom fabrication
  • Structural fabrication and modification
  • Stairs, catwalk and hand rail
  • Plant maintenance
  • Production runs of welded parts
  • Tunnel boring machine and mining equipment welding repair
  • Airport snow removal equipment repair and modification
  • Bucket repair, cutting edge replacement as well as shank and tooth replacement
  • Excavator boom crack repair
  • Crane repair
  • Plough mould board straightening
  • Solar field: bracket welding and post extension

Nuttall Projects

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Cruickshank silos conveyor

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Cruickshank silos conveyor

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